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If you are one of those people born in the baby boomer era, you have probably heard the phrase; "What you see is what you get". If you ever watched the flip Wilson show, you have heard this phrase. To work with systems we must be able to control and access the state of the system. In order to accomplish certain task, the there must be instruments in which the user a person can use .Wysiwyg is the acronym for what you see is what you get.

Wysiwyg Editors are used in computing to describe what you are viewing and what it will look like in the end. Entire layouts of a document can be manipulated out remember what commands were given. Markup language, as mentioned earlier, is an artificial language which adds instructions in the margin of a paper document.

One of the most common features of markup languages is the text of the document is mixed up with the markup details. In many cases, the difference between what you see and what you get Wysiwyg Editors, are not of any importance. Some applications may offer different levels of realism.

Some of the differences include a compositions mode, the layout mode and the preview mode. The markup language by Wysiwyg editors is unique. Entire websites are built using WYSIWYG. Taking a look back into time before WYSIWYG came into existence; users used special control codes to signal that some type of text should be in a different size. Today these codes are described as mark up code tags.

Tags can be used to store complex formatting information using Wysiwyg Editors mark up tags. All text that is unformatted flows right and downward. Text is actually moved from where it would actually be seen when it is printed in the final form.

The first attempt at Wysiwyg Editors allowed users to take a peek at the final outcome of their displays. However, this proved to be slow and awkward. When Wysiwyg Editors were designed, they had a significant amount of different output devices. Problems had to be solved and the different solutions worked for different results. Some of the first purposes for Wysiwyg Editors were to give users the ability to see what documents look like once printed, provide high quality printed documents, and on-screen output.

The use of Adobe Acrobat allowed better visualization. Another common problem to overcome was printers having fonts which were not identical to the ones used for on-screen display.

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